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We are an agency specialized in the integral management of tourist apartments with 15 years of experience in Barcelona, which has earned us the trust of more than 150 owners of active apartments and about 1,500 fluctuating during tourist seasons. Click here to see our apartments in Barcelona.

We, from GHAT APARTMENTS, offer our clients a wide range of options for the complete or partial management of their tourist properties, adapting to the particular needs of each owner. All this with the aim of giving them a high level of trust and profitability experience.

One of the advantages that Ghat Apartments offers to the owners of the apartments is the possibility of make their property available when they consider it necessary, whether it is to occupy it for a few days or to rent it for long term during low seasons. Our only condition is to respect the reservations already made. Likewise, we value the willingness of our customers to propose ideas and / or changes in rental prices.

The owner chooses the way in which he wants to give us the management of his apartment, which may well be by integral management, or as a reservation centre.

Please note that we are members of Apartur (Association of Tourist Apartments in Barcelona) and we have the positioning and protection of more than 30 web portals where to publish the property and have favourable responses.

Renting your home to get more profitability for long or short periods is very easy, just contact us and we will take care of everything. These are the advantages that you can have in our platform:

● Cleaning of the apartment
● Toiletries for tenants
● Decoration service for your apartment
● Guarantee and deposit for the maintenance of the apartment in optimal conditions
● Interesting information for users
● Transport and safety recommendations for your guests
● Special promotions for your tenants to have an unforgettable experience

remodelacion pisos apartamentos barcelona

Make your home profitable while you are away
Having guests at your home and not suffering from inconvenience may seem impossible, but at Ghat Apartments we managed to achieve this. Start now to make your apartment profitable for as long as you want, and without discomfort, we take care of everything.

remodelacion pisos apartamentos barcelona

Rent for short or long term
We adapt to your needs: Rent your apartment for a few days, months or as long as you want. Our team will give you all the solutions to occupy your flat for as long as you want, during high season or low season.

remodelacion pisos apartamentos barcelona

24h Service
You can contact us whenever you want, we are available 24 hours 365 days a year. If you still have doubts about safely renting your apartment, at Ghat Apartments we give you answers. In addition, you can keep updated with the latest news through our news blog.

remodelacion pisos apartamentos barcelona

Payment in advance
Receive the payment of your rent with the booking, with a deposit for greater security and make sure you have the property active and with an income through our Agency.

remodelacion pisos apartamentos barcelona

Have your property at your disposal whenever you want
You can have your apartment whenever you want, at no cost. We adapt to your needs and for this, we want you to be able to count on your apartment whenever you need it.

remodelacion pisos apartamentos barcelona

Express Cleaning and Redecoration
Our agency has an express cleaning and redecoration service. In this way, you can get much more profitability on your holiday rental apartment, at a very low cost.

Discover our express redecoration service and start to make your flat profitable and give a new air to your home with the help of our specialists in interior decoration. Discover the most spectacular changes made at Ghat Apartments.

Disfruta de la experiencia

Ser huésped con Ghat Apartments es mucho más que una alquiler vacacional. Descubre cómo puedes tener una experiencia única, sin preocupaciones y con todos los beneficios de alquilar tu piso con una plataforma de amplia experiencia.

We are at your disposal to answer all your questions.
Contact us by phone or visiting our offices in Barcelona:

Portal Nou 31, Bajos 1º CP08003 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 004 69 35 / Móv. +34 654 047 257

Start renting your flat from today and get a better return, with all the guarantees offered by Ghat Apartments.