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If you are an owner and want to know how to rent your apartment to its best value, one of the main aspects on which you need to work is the esthetics of housing.

A few changes may increase the price of your apartment, and tenants will be willing to paid more and the experience will be more positive and comfortable.

Barcelona and Sitges are considered as the favorite destination not only in Spain but in Europe. Their criteria are perfect for summer tourists looking for a good climate, good food and places full of history and culture. This is why the major tourism companies have found great opportunities in these cities and the competition is very present.

To rent your apartment is now a competition with major luxury hotels, hostels that take care of every detail, the apartments impeccably decorated … It is therefore essential to prepare your home to face to this competition and be able to draw the best return to your apartment.

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How doing to rent a flat?

The first things that tourists see when they search for holiday accommodation are the photographs of the area. They should therefore attract the consumer at first sight to be able to make a reservation. In Ghat Apartments we are in charge to let your apartment in perfect conditions to stand out and highlight its potential to attract visitors.

There are some key elements that can upgrade your apartment and help you to the rent it more quickly. In Ghat Apartments we take care of everything without you having to worry about work, shopping, transport of furniture … leave it in our hands and enjoy.

What aspects of the apartment should you improve to be able to rent?

The luminosity:
Lighting can change so many spaces. You can convert a small apartment dark and dingy in a comfortable and welcoming accommodation. This can be done by changing a few light bulbs, installing modern lamps and play with colors that spread light and so we can get good results and make visitors feel at home..

remodelacion pisos apartamentos barcelona
Optimize space:
a good organization of the flat elements can make to change radically. The amplitude gives a feeling of amenities that will benefit your visitors. In Ghat Apartments we organize space to enjoy a maximum and it’s easier than it seems: remove the walls, move furniture or remove the doors from the apartment, these are elements that can make housing look bigger in a better appearance.

remodelacion pisos apartamentos barcelona
In ancient apartments, a coat of paint is needed. Just painting the walls with neutral colors such as white, sand or very pastel blue then we can give a totally different and modern look. Neutral colors bring warm into your holiday apartment

remodelacion pisos apartamentos barcelona
To add a final touch at your apartment without the need to invest too much, accessories can make the difference. Plants create a more comfortable space and cushions are the best way to give color to your home. With the help of our interior decorators your apartment will change and it will always be occupated.

The kitchen and bathroom are the most expensive areas to change but are those that bring value to the apartment. We can also take care of them for you to get the best performance.

As you know, Ghat Apartments takes care of your apartment at always 100%. We support you for all that you never have to worry about things like cleaning, security or care. If you want to give celift to your home, it will increase its value.

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