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Ghat Apartments wants all its customers to have a pleasant and enjoyable stay and a unique experience in Barcelona y Sitges. Therefore we offer you a discount voucher booklet with which you can explore the city in all areas: entertainment, dining, sports, and more.

descuentos turistas barcelona

Bcn Classic Rides - 25% Off
Discover Barcelona on bikes

Thanks to the good infrastructure and many cycling paths that exist in Barcelona, to tour the city by bike is easy and enjoyable. They are more and more people to choose this mode of transport for getting around town. Bcn Classic Rides offers customers discounts on its services.
empresa redecoracion reformas apartamentos pisos barcelona

descuentos turistas barcelona

Óptica Arense - 40% Discount
Sunglasses designed in Barcelona

In the heart of the city, Optica Arense offers a wide range of eyewear brands, with which you can make a difference. Enjoy 40% discount. Thanks to Ghat Apartments.
empresa redecoracion reformas apartamentos pisos barcelona

descuentos turistas barcelona You Barcelona - Acceso VIP

You Barcelona - Acceso VIP
Live the night in Barcelona

You want to know the best clubs in Barcelona? Pasha, Opium, Bling Bling, Hotel W ... Benefit by Ghat Apartments and YouBcn the best discounts, free drinks, VIP entrance, and more. In your Holiday, partying is not forbidden! descuentos turistas barcelona You Barcelona - Acceso VIP

descuentos turistas barcelona

Holmes Place Urquinaona - Entrance 10 €
Relax and Wellness in a five-star restort

Check in with this ticket 10 € to Holmes Place Urquinaona. More than a gym, Holmes Place is a wellness center where you find everything you are looking for excellent service: Targeted classes, Spa, physiotherapy, nutrition, beauty and more. All in the same harmonic space that makes you feel at home. empresa redecoracion reformas apartamentos pisos barcelona

descuentos turistas barcelona

Kidnapped in Bcn - Discount 4 x 5
Much more than an escape room in Barcelona

Pay for 4 passes and get 1 free pass to enjoy the most original Escape Room in the city. Live a different experience and go blindly into your own movie thriller. You will find unusual characters, which will make you live unforgettable moments. Coordinate with your friends and solve all the riddles Kidnapped in Bcn . Experience a unique vacation film.
empresa redecoracion reformas apartamentos pisos barcelona

descuentos turistas barcelona Terrablava - 10% de Descuento

Cooltra - 10% Discount
Need a motorcycle rental for your holiday?

Barcelona is a city renowned by motorcycle use, it is much easier and faster to navigate. In Cooltra you find the bike you need to move around the city on your vacation. No matter where you go, the road is what counts. This company has many rental locations throughout Barcelona descuentos turistas barcelona Cooltra - 10% de Descuento

dBRO Barcelona Hamburguesería - 15% de Descuento

BRO Barcelona Burgers - 15% de Descuento
One of the best burgers in town

If you are looking for a cozy place in the heart of La Barceloneta or the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Hamburgers BRO is your burger. Enjoy its rich Argentinean dishes. Only Ghat Apartments, get a 15% discount. descuentos turistas barcelona burger bro escuento

Water Front Sitges - 10% de Descuento

Waterfront Sitges - 10% Off
The maddest water activities at your fingertips

Parasailing by the Banana Boat or Sonar, this vacation may be the time. Get wet and enjoy the activities Water Front offers a unique landscape and with the help of the best professionals in water activities. Water Front Sitges - 10% Discount

Swimming Club Sitges - 28% Off
Sports facilities you need at your fingertips

If you can not be in your holiday without practicing your favorite sport, Sitges Swimming Club offers facilities that you need: tennis, racquetball, squash, triathlon ... and more in facilities that does not disappoint. Access to the center with discount of 28%, and earn 20% on services of bonds between 5 and 10 days, and daily admission for families. Enjoy the best sport for your holiday. Water Front Sitges - 10% de Descuento

Sitges Up - Precio único reducido

Sitges Up - Single price reduced
Get on the table And row!

The Surf paddle is the fashion aquatic activity: combines sport with fun. This discipline can be practiced both at sea and in harbors, lakes, rivers, etc. Furthermore, it is for all ages and offers many ways. Sitges Up tables are also equipped with underwater cameras to record and photograph each paddle surfing session clients. With Ghat Apartments you can practice Paddle Surf the best money, with drink after finishing the activity and aquatic pictures gift! Sitges Up - Precio único reducido

Sitges Up - Precio único reducido

Click Motor – 10% OFF

In a unique natural landscape, you can rent all types of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, and more. Sitges Up - Precio único reducido

Sitges Up - Precio único reducido

Navega Sin Título 10% discount
Rent a boat without a license!

Through NavegaSinTítulo you can rent a boat that needs no title for management. You can use the nautical activity for the enjoyment of your customers, without preparation. The company offers cruises in the coves of the coast of the port Garraf and Aiguadolç of Sitges, and all thanks to the partnership that has gotten you to the Club Ghat Apartment. Sitges Up - Precio único reducido

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